Our Products

Kimoon Inc. products include class I and II of medical device and healthcare supplies. Medical devices are categorized into four classes (I, II, III or IV) based on the level of potential risk related to their use. Class I medical devices present the lowest potential risk while Class IV medical devices present the highest potential risk. Kimoon Inc. provides wide range of medical and dental equipment of Class I and II as listed below:

Class I Bandages/adhesive strips, Crutches and canes, Toothbrushes – manual, Gauze bandage, Burn sheet, Manual, adjustable hospital bed, Leg prosthesis, Hand splint, Mechanical wheelchair, Nasopharyngeal airway, Tympanoscope, Intra-nasal septal splint, Dressing for nosebleed
Class II Scalpels, Toothbrushes – powered, Hearing aids, Short term, intravascular catheter, X-ray detectable, non-absorbable internal sponge, Vascular occluder, Suturing needle, Surgical glove, Laryngoscope (both rigid and non-rigid), Urethral catheter, Daily wear, soft contact lenses, Single use vaginal dilator, Tracheostomy tube, Examination glove, Orthodontic metal bracket, Orthodontic bracket adhesive resin and tooth conditioner, Denture repair kit, Preformed denture (partially prefabricated denture), Plastic teeth, Hydrogel wound and burn dressing, Alginate antimicrobial wound dressing, Ventilator tubing and support set, Piston syringe, Enteral feeding bag, Anesthesia flowmeter, Oxygen mask, Elastomeric infusion pump, Phonocardiograph, Long term, portable ECG recorder (Holter monitor), Evoked response photic stimulator, Infrared thermometer, Audiometer, Non-indwelling blood pressure monitor, Electronic stethoscope, Nebulizer (direct patient interface), Biopsy suction instrument, Infant aspirator (battery-powered), Hysteroscopic insufflator, Suction operatory unit, Oral irrigating unit, Steam sterilizer (autoclave), Dry heat sterilizer, Ultraviolet sterilizer, Cardiopulmonary bypass cardiotomy suction line blood filter, Cardiopulmonary bypass heat-exchanger, Anaesthetic conduction filter, Gas pressure transducer, Transcutaneous oxygen electrode, Heart sound transducer, Tens cable/lead, Electrosurgical unit cable adaptor, Digital dental imaging system – filmless, Diagnostic dental radiographic unit (x ray), Air pressure tourniquet, Powered traction unit, Air-powered dental handpiece, Non-invasive bone-growth stimulator, Air conduction hearing-aid, Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator for pain relief