Our Vision

Kimoon Inc.’ vision is to be the preferred choice of clients in the target market in terms of quality, price, and convenience of delivering medical devices

Our Mission

The mission of Kimoon Inc. is to provide cost-effective, high-quality medical devices utilizing engineered and material science technologies for the benefit of all stakeholders, including customers and suppliers.

Ms. Sakineh Gholipoor: Executive Director

Educated in Medical Equipment Repairs, Ms. Gholipoor has eight years of experience in the medical device wholesale industry. Her experience includes managing sales and procurement for a number of medical device wholesalers in Iran, including Kimon Espid Aftab, Nozhan Shimi Azma, and Shayan Medicine. Ms. Gholipoor handled the procurement and sales processes for these companies by negotiating with and building the network of international suppliers and loyal local clients, including hospitals, diagnostic laboratories, and clinics. Over the years, she attended several international fairs and found clients and business partners through this channel too