KIMOON | Medical Devices & Healthcare Supplies

Kimoon Inc. is a Canadian-based subsidiary of Kimon Espid Aftab, the medical devices distributer and wholesaler in the middle east. As Licenced Medical device establishment, Kimoon Inc. provides wide range of different medical devices and healthcare supplies. Our customers include veterinary facilities, nursing homes and residential care facilities, laboratories, diagnostic centers, and dental care’s centers across the province of Ontario.

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Our Vision

Kimoon Inc.’ vision is to be the preferred choice of clients in the target market in terms of quality, price, and convenience of delivering medical devices

Our Mission

The mission of Kimoon Inc. is to provide cost-effective, high-quality medical devices utilizing engineered and material science technologies for the benefit of all stakeholders, including customers and suppliers.

Our Products

Kimoon Inc. products include class I and II of medical device and healthcare supplies. Medical devices are categorized into four classes (I, II, III or IV) based on the level of potential risk related to their use. Class I medical devices present the lowest potential risk while Class IV medical devices present the highest potential risk. Kimoon Inc. provides wide range of medical and dental equipment of Class I and II as listed below

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Our holding helps families all over the world

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